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"The Barrier" is an underground insulator/vapor barrier that is made with 1.25" extruded polystyrene and heavy duty black polyethylene film laminated to both sides. The product is strong and durable and will not collapse under the weight of the concrete. Installation is far easier because you can walk on "the Barrier" - plus our patented taping system makes installation fast and efficient. Rolls are 4' wide x 64' long. (256 square feet).

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Like a foam cup protects your hand from the hot beverage it holds, "The Barrier" protects concrete from heat loss and moisture. "The Barrier" under concrete insulation is a thermal block which insulates the concrete from the cold and dampness of the ground. The combination of extruded polystyrene and heavy film laminated to both sides completely stops 100% of all forms of moisture transfer and creates a thermal break to greatly reduce heat transfer in an underground application.

The Barrier is made in the U.S.A..